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Mahakala Two Eyes dzi beads
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Mahakala Two Eyes dzi beads
This Mahakala two eyes dzi beads is 22.4 mm in length and 8.4mm in diameter.

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Product Introduction

 The Two Eyes Dzi helps to maintain a happy marriage and a harmonious family. It ensures success and also improves human wisdom. This particular bead is very popular in Tibet to be worn to generate in the wearer the Bodhisattva nature of Compassion and wisdom. Obstacles in the path of the wearer are transmuted into opportunities by the bead's unique pattern. This item is widely sought for its Bodhisattva properties. 

The 2-Eyed Dzi bead is, also, said to represent the harmonious concept of Yin & Yang. According to the Chinese beliefs, Yin & Yang governs every relationship in this world, bringing about balance in life, energy and relationship. Yang is represented by light or day, activity or movement, strength and rigidity, and also male energy. Yin is symbolized by darkness, flexibility, softness, stationery energy and the female energy counterpart. The 2-Eyed Dzi bead is thus significant for enhancing stability and balance, especially in a marriage and in the cultivation of harmonious family relations. It also brings appropriate balance between an individual’s thought and action, allowing his efficient pursuit of career and goals in a wiser manner. It thus endows the wearer matrimonial harmony and thereby family bliss. Growth in wisdom and thereby builds a happy family, successful career, and wonderful social network